I really like the process, and I also really like when it’s done and enters the world: This is the new logo for POLAYOGA I have been working on for a while. From understanding all aspects of Polayoga’s identity, to name development, all the way to the actual graphic design.

The logo visualizes Shiva Shakti Yoga, a kind of yin and yang concept, where two opposing energies are brought into balance and create a pulsing new energy. I wanted to do it yogalike, and played with what was already there. The words of Pola and Yoga, which melt together and complete each other. Strong at the bottom, growing into lightness and joy to the top with an overall impression of liveliness and ease.

The calligraphic font has been handwritten with mindful strokes, which mirrors the mindful practice of movements in Yoga, and also the persoal warmth that Pola brings into her teaching.